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A condition of severely sweaty butt cheeks or crotch, where the sweat and any un-wiped or leaked fluids or poo from bad hygiene combines to make a disgusting stain that not only stinks up a 10 Ft radius in a crowd but attracts a horde of flies, hundreds of which collect on the stain and feed from it. overly tight nylon pants on a big female booty exacerbate the problem by intruding into the butt crack and wicking the fetid smear to the surface. The sufferer is sometimes unaware of this and does not correct it, leading to randomly taken pictures of their fly-infested ass appearing on the internet at their expense.
Nigel: Oh man- look at that nasty whore with the big booty and red pants! Is that a brown stain in the crack of her ass or a horde of flies on a brown stain?
William: Shit man, she's got the Swamp Ass!
by abjectus May 07, 2012

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