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The resulting and overwhelming mess that is left lying all about after a full day, week, or month of creative pursuits. Massive amounts of creative supplies jumbled and piled all together, all about ones workspace, making it impossible to continue crafting until cleaned and possibly preventing any inspiration whatsoever.
After her much needed craft day, the resulting craftermath looked like a tornado went through her studio.
by abbinme January 15, 2012
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-Someone who loves all things vintage.
-Someone who decorates their house floor to ceiling with old lace doilies and antique photos.
-Someone who is on a first name basis with every flea market owner within 100 miles.
-Someone who wears vintage styles and doesn't care what others think.
-Someone who likes to mix rust with diamonds and tattered pearls with new crystal.
-Someone possibly obsessed with Marie Antoinette.
"She is such a Vintage Queen. Definitely born after her time."
by abbinme March 3, 2010
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-A word to describe a combination of vintage, retro, antiques, shabby chic, and junking styles.

-Old cast off things from past lives that show the wear of ages.

-Flea Market Junk

-Mixed Media Artworks that incorporate old found objects.

-reused, re-purposed, and altered from a vintage state.

-period clothing and jewelry refashioned for new use.
Vintiquities can be things with chippy paint, old millinery hats that smell of moth balls, things made pre-1960's, items that have a bit of rust, and things from the bottom of grandma's old trunk.
by abbinme March 3, 2010
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