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The new Nintendo system coming out in May 2006 that will shock everyone. It is an immersive experience like no other and the controller and the "extra peripheral" work together seemlessly.
Dude i am Nintendo Revolutioned in this movie it is so immersive.
by aZm November 04, 2005
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A next-generation gaming system that will be competing with mostly the Nintendo Revolution. PS3 is out of the race. Not innovative in controls or gameplay but the graphics are slightly improved. Plus you get an arcade where you can buy bejeweled for 15 dollars, that's a deal!

Bottomline, It's last years Xbox with better graphics.
ZOMG, t's teh xbox 360 it teh roxx0rs look I bought pac-man for a dicount of a dollar for 19.99 that rox!
by aZm November 18, 2005
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