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A) When one person jumps onto another person, catching him/her unawares from a higher point above the second person.

B)In the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, when a marathon pro, lightweight pro, and commando pro runner jumps from a roof, balcony or another higher point down onto an enemy and knifes the target in midair or when he/she lands.
"Man, this runner guy just Spiderjumped my ass!"

"If you say another word, i swear i will spiderjump you from this bunkbed!"
by aFriskyPlatypus May 23, 2010
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1) A derogatory term used for younger military personnel in their first term of servicethat, on their free time, goes off of base/post and attempts to show off towards the local populace, usually in an annoying and obnoxious manner.

2) A derogatory term used by locals around a military installation to describe military personnel that roam around town hitting on all the local women. May be men, depending on the "Baser's" gender.

The term "Baser" is also used by older/more experienced military personnel to describe their subordinates who perform these sort of actions.
"Man, we were all havin a good time when out of nowhere these Basers showed up at our party and decided to blast their music in our ears!"

"These basers are getting out of control in here. One was hitting on my girlfriend!"

SSG Oakes:"Did you see your unit in town the other day, SSG Williams?"

SSG Williams: "Ya, well, we all acted like basers at one point or another."
by aFriskyPlatypus June 26, 2010
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