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similar to the ass ram or the butt fuck, it involves invading your partners asshole like a dipstick on a car's oil gauge
"Dude, I checked your girlfriend's oil last night."
by a-bizzle February 28, 2003

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Short for "very". Used most frequently when making a mockery of a story, specifically one from a children's book.
"Hey have you heard the story of the ver hung cat (very hungry caterpillar)? Totes."
"SOS. We...need...fire."
by A-Bizzle June 07, 2006

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Slang word that is substituted for "totally". Originated in Fox Lane High School. Most frequently uttered in the stairwell next to the gym locker room while smoking a shitload of weed.
"We totes smoked too much reefer before Physics."
"Hey have you heard the story of the ver hung cat? Totes."
"SOS. We...need...fire."
by A-Bizzle May 16, 2006

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