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Noise rock is a post-punk genre which experiments with dissonance, atonality and feedback.

Noise rock bands can generaly be split into two groups:
The ones that just want to make noise (usualy pure white noise).
And the ones which think about the noise they make (music which uses avant garde "noisy" techniques to it's advantage).

The ones which just want to make noise tend to make noise which is 100% avant garde and does not use melody harmony, chord structures or any of the musical techniques which most people asociate with music. Instead they tend to overload their amplifiers as much as possible, to make feedback and scream over the top of it to make what most people would describe as pure white noise. An example of this kind of noise rock is the band Hijokaiden.

The ones which think about the noise they make tend to be more musical in their aproach, utilising techniques from heavy metal, punk, rock, math rock, post rock, kraut rock, phycedelia, computer game music and several other musical genres and combining them with the avant garde and noisy techniques of the former, to make a unique and intense music, which many have compared to Free Jazz. These bands include: Big black, Melt-Banana, The Boredoms, Merzbow, scratch acid, the jesus lizard, Lightening bolt and many more.

Noise rock is strongly linked to and inspired by other genres such as: No-wave, math rock, post rock, grindcore, Jazzcore and many more.

Noise rock and Noisecore are not clearly definable as different genres, rather just two ways of describing the same thing.

Japanese noise rock is sometimes refered to as Japanoise.
Noise rock is amazing if it's done right.
by Zorn/Eye-wanabee May 28, 2009

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The majority of modern heavy metal. Music which is thrashy for the sake of thrashy and usualy played by complete idiots.

Usualy played in drop D (a guitar tunning acheived by by loosening the low E until it is a D) as the name would sugest, but can be played in any drop tunning.

Most riffs will consist of 2 to 4 bars of beefy low end crunch, followed by a quick Dime squeel. Lyrics will either be growled or sang in a wingy moany fashion similar to crying. Drummer will usualy play with a double bass pedal and a chineese ride symbol.

Common characteristics include: Not being able to tell riffs apart from each other, not being able to tell songs apart from each other, not being able to tell bands apart from each other.
Dickhead in boiler suit: "Are you going to download festival this year?".
Classic metaler: "No".
Dickhead in boiler suit: "Why not?"
Classic metaler: "coz it's all drop D dickhead music".
Dickhead in boiler suit:(begins to winge like a bitch)
by Zorn/eye-wanabee May 27, 2009

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A blend of spices that, when smoked in a joint like weed, gets you high. However probably not in the way you want to be.

It is 100% legal, but will probably make you vomit all night long (especialy if taken with alchohol).

You'll probably find it in one of those weird shops that sell ouji boards and stuff. But I would advise you not to smoke it.

If you wanna get high, get some decent weed, Spice Gold is not realy a substitute (unless your baleemic that is).
I had spice gold at a friends party and christened his bathroom floor in stomach acid.
by Zorn/eye-wanabee May 27, 2009

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