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The Kingdom of Loathing is a turn-based RPG game made by Zack 'Jick' Johnson. There are 6 classes, including the stealthy Accordian Thieves, and the mystical Pastamancers.

It uses meat for currency.
My moxie is soooo high on the Kingdom of Loathing. It's, like, 1175, man. Lol, I'm superior to you. N00b. I wouldn't even give you some meat if you asked.
by Zonktil December 09, 2004
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An addicting game in the Burthrope Games Room on Runescape. Connect Four with Runescape runes.
After a ranking of over 5000, you may enter the Runelink challenge room for more advanced players.
by Zonktil December 09, 2004
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1. A kind and loving person.

2. O. R. O - standing for Operation Remove Otters. A secret goverment program seeking to force otters into extinction by sending Japanese anime characters armed with knives after their habitats.

3. To mug someone with a knife.
1. Bob lay there, near-death, with a broken lag and cancer. Suddenly, the blue fairy came and turned him into a real puppet. He was no longer affected by human disabilities and was able to live his life normally again - except with strings. "Ms. Blue Fairy.. you're such an oro!" cried Bob in surprise and greatfulness.

2. "I'm a member of O. R. O." declared Billy the Kid. "I have the superpower to turn into a Japanese anime character, and I'm bloodthirsty too."

3. "I just got oro - they hold that knife less then an inch away from my throat - I gave them $1337."
by Zonktil January 18, 2005
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