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To go into a girl's room and looks at there underwear. Underwear is panties, thongs, bras, g-strings etc.
e.g. Dylan pantie raided Susan
by ZionMunkee September 07, 2006

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Hold On To Your Nuts. Said when someone takes a passenger in a vehicle and then drives into battle on a videogame
Rod jumped into the warthog. "H.O.T.Y.N.!" yelled Tod as he put the peddle to the metal.
by ZionMunkee November 26, 2006

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Head shots in FPS games
"Woah! I gave him a third nostril!"
by ZionMunkee December 03, 2006

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When you are in the middle of multiplayer game on the Nintendo DS and press the power button in until it shuts off (Original models only.)
Player1:Ha I'm beating your ass!
player2:*pushes in power button and ds turns off*
player1:HEY! You power drained!
by ZionMunkee November 26, 2006

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