a button used to turn on a computer
quit shutting down my computer or ill press that power button into your forehead you loser.
by Omyn October 2, 2003
The Power Button and the Refresh Button are both buttons that replace the F keys on a Chromebook. By holding down or pressing on the buttons at the same time, you can turn off or turn on your Chromebook instantly.

Many kids at school repeatedly use this move at school to annoy their friends and other people. It happens especially when they just want to turn off your Chromebook and it's really freaking annoying.
Me: Crap! Only 1 minute left to complete this assignment on my Chromebook!
Friend: Hey, you wanna see something cool?
Me: Okay, what is it?
Friend: *Presses Power Button+Refresh Button on my Chromebook*
Chromebook: *Turns the fuck off and dies*
by TheAngryNerd June 7, 2019
When you stick your fist so far up someone’s ass that they pass out
James gave Judah the power button last night
by Uncle gubsy June 24, 2022