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A unit of measurement that serves as a placeholder for any length of time needed to accomplish a goal or complete a task when you do not know how long it will actually take.
Boss: I need those tax documents on my desk before the end of this quarter, Billy!
Billy: Sorry Sir, I can get them to you within 3 weeks.
Boss: ... You're fired, Billy.
by Zinaal_Kriid September 21, 2020
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A disguised link which is neither a Rick Roll or an ordinary link. The link has a 50% chance of being an ordinary link and a 50% chance of being a Rick Roll, so it is both. At least until someone clicks it.
Redditor 1: Oh crap, a link! If I click it, it might be a Rick Roll!
Redditor 2: Don't click it! It shall remain a Schrödinger's Astley.
Redditor 3: Awe man, I clicked it. At least I like this song...
by Zinaal_Kriid July 1, 2020
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