6 definitions by Zilchoboy

When you get the wrong idea from an instant message you read on myspace or other networking site.
Man 1:Dude,Fred said he was going out with all his guy friends to have a good time. He's so gay!

Man 2: No he meant he was going for a guys night out,your mis-IM-terpretation is retarded

Man 1: Ohhhh
by Zilchoboy August 31, 2009
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The belief by some black people that they can overcome anything no matter how little they have put to accomplishing it,seeing how they now have a black president in the white house.
Man !:God,Marcus really thinks he can get that promotion!
Man 2:But he doesnt do anything
Man 1:The Obama Effect
Man 2:Yep
by Zilchoboy July 10, 2009
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When you break up with someone,only to start a relationship again with them days or weeks later.
man 1:dude didnt Tony break up with Karen weeks ago?
man 2:yea they got back together yesterday
man 1:looks like hes in a relapse-tionship
by Zilchoboy August 09, 2009
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What a guy says when he likes or is currently going out with an ugly woman to get his friends to stop making fun of her.
Mike:man she is ugly
Jeff:she has good personality man
by Zilchoboy July 30, 2009
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Being distracted by someone so much that you cant remember a Herbie Hancock reference you were about to say...as evidenced on an episode of the cleveland show.
Man 1:Remember that-that,damn it i forgot!
Man 2:How did you forget that fast?!
Man 1:You Herbie Hancock-blocked me!
by Zilchoboy October 18, 2009
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The situation in which you are so distracted with vids on youtube,you aren't aware of whats going on around you.
Guy 1: Dude did you get my texts last night? Guy 2: No,I was at my computer the whole time,sorry I was You-Tube Tied
by Zilchoboy January 16, 2010
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