2 definitions by ZhuZhupet

the most funniest coolest amazing group chat ever created on the stupid bird app we know as twitter. the most gorgeous members and the best friendships. sometimes they get mass attacked by weirdos who r jealous of how cool sexy and awesome they are.
“oh hgc groupchat? i love them so much. WE 4LYFERSSS”

“have you seen how cool hgc group chat is? i wish i could join:/“

“i’m so jealous of hgc groupchat, i wish our gc was that fabulous.”
by ZhuZhupet June 6, 2021
Somebody who is so boring, dull and unimaginative as to have a complete absence of personality. They never have anything interesting to say and if they do say something it is void of character and substance.
Oh my god I can't believe you invited George to your party, he is so apersonality.
by ZhuZhupet October 8, 2010