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The point of intoxication at which a strictly heterosexual person may go so far as to produce and offer a great sum of money (forty dollars) to a sober, heterosexual friend of the same sex in exchange for sexual favours.

It should be noted that while sober, this offer would never be made under any circumstances, and is absolutely undesired by the sober friend, in order to meet the truest sense of the meaning.
Drunk Friend (holding two twenties): "Hey, man, I will give you this forty dollars if you suck my cock."
Sober Friend: "Man, you must be forty dollars drunk. And no."
by ZeroTheFool December 22, 2009

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verb. When a man has sex with woman from behind, while she gives a blowjob to another man. The term is used as a verb often as a discreet way of announcing the sex act regardless of who may overhear.

Additionally, this term may garner hilarity on the part of anyone who isn't familiar with the term.
Joe (clearly audible to all): "Steve, the girl at the other end of the bar is up for us taking her to swiss chalet."

Overhearing Grandmother (for some reason in a bar): "Oh, you boys are so sweet. My husband would take me to Swiss Chalet every Sunday, before he passed."
by ZeroTheFool March 21, 2010

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