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A place where logic means nothing and everyone is either anorexic or overweight.
There's something wrong with society in the United States.
by Zero The Dark Angel January 11, 2009

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A place for people with absolutely no taste what-so-ever and ultimate boredom; A hang out for fake goths, wannabe scene queens, skaters, and hot emo guys; A world where designers have no sense of style or creativity and skate stores these days are just trying too hard; Where being unique and "individuality" is equivalent to stereotypes.
The mall is way too overrated; scene chicks need to get a life; "Hollister", "Journey For Kidzz", "Gromshop"; There's no such thing as being "different" anymore
by Zero the Dark Angel January 11, 2009

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An automatic overgeneralization of certain labels, regardless of accuracy; over-abused discrimination; Cutting (is actually a form of non-sexual masochism)

Cheerleaders: Vain, slutty bitches who are too self-absorbed

Emos: Attention-seeking whores (Mostly the fakes and wannabes) (Fakes and wannabes=Majority of emo population these days); Wannabe scene queens; Emo Elmo (in my opinion, bullshit and an inaccurate judgement of "emo")

Celebrities: Over-paid actors and musicians just waiting to be judged and showered with overrated popularity; "Scandalous"
Examples of stereotypes (regardless of accuracy):

"All cheerleaders are skinny, skanky, and anorexic"

"Why don't all you stupid emos just bleed to death, you depressed attention-seeking whores?" (someone actually said that to me)

"OMFG, like, Miley Cyrus!!!"
by Zero The Dark Angel January 11, 2009

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