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Lets get this straight. Metal head is a stereotype. That in itself isnt so bad. Metalheads can be loud and quiet. Not either. Although most of my friends wouldn't back down from a fight. Metalheads dont skank. I dont even know where the dude down there got that from. Thats rudeboys and skinheads. I have friends from all those subcultures/genres/stereotypes, and metalheads STRICTLY speaking mosh/headbang. However, just because your into metal doesn't mean you can't skank. Im well into my metal Pantera..Cannibal Corspe..the likes but im a proper ska lover aswell. And im commonly found at raves. Yeah so diss me and say im a posuer*(correct way of spelling it. Poser is wrong) Stereotypically speaking MetalHeads wear band tee's, camo pants, big boots (DMs maybe) and leather jackets. This isnt always true. I wear band tee's alot but hardly ever don the boots. And just because you like Nu-metal doesnt mean your not a metal head. FYI Numetal may not be as heavy as thrash but it's still metal. TBH anyone that says metalheads wear this, and do that and listen to this are wrong. There is versatility within the genre. One cannot compare the likes sepultara and slipknot. They are nothing alike bar the guitar and drum involved. But in that case mcfly is metal. And dont you dare say Sepultra and cannibal corpse arent metal. To think that you'd need to be shot.

Yeah metal is good. Damm me its ace. But there is different types. Keep it metal.
Zenaah ; Damm that metalheads fit.
Allie ; Yeah that tee's nice too.
Zenaah ; Yeah Linkin Park are sick.
Allie ; Not very metal though.
Zenaah ; Not very rap either (Y)
by Zeeenaah December 08, 2008

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