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A sixth sense, of sorts.

The ability to sense, whether you are looking at the person or not, when that person is passing you the joint, blunt, etc.

You can be completely engrossed in something else, but a vibe is sent throughout the room letting you know it's your hit.

Takes a little bit of time to fully integrate into your senses, as the odd time someone will look like they are passing you the smokeable, when they are only readjusting themselves in their seat.
I was laughing my ass off at the movie, then my stoner sense kicked when the blunt got passed my way.
by ZeeFancyMan January 04, 2010

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Romantic gesture.

The act of standing under the object of your affection's window and tossing pebbles at said window, to get their attention. They should go to and open the window, see that you are there, and then go to the front door to meet you.

Must be done at night to achieve proper effect.
He went out at 1 am to go pebbletossing at her house.
by ZeeFancyMan June 16, 2009

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To simultaneously finger a girl's vagina and play with her boobs from behind, hence looking like you are playing a cello.
"I blacked out, and when I woke up I was fingering her and playing with her tits! It was like playing a fucking cello!"
by ZeeFancyMan September 16, 2009

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