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A feeling for another person so pure and sacred that nobody can define it to its true extent. It is what a person feels for another without any kind of physical or mental barrier between them. They live purely to be with the other to share experiences, pleasures, problems and pain.

Sadly, the word love is so overused and underrated in the soceity of today, that saying a simple "I love you" could mean something as plain and crude as "I'm really drunk and I want to ride you". It's the sad reality, but love is no longer a word of passion that it was. Unless of course there is that feeling between two people that starts deep in the darkest chamber of their heart and spreads through every cell in their body until it dominates their thoughts.

With love there comes a sense of numbness, that sense that you cannot actually believe what is happening because it seems to be impossible that this is what is actually going on. Being with the person you have longed to be with for so long.

Of course, as with everything, there is a down side to love aswell if it doesn't work out as it so certainly should have. The fair truth is that love hurts. Not like a physical pain, or even like the pain of a big dissapointment. It is a form of pain so overwhelming that it is like love itself in the sense that it occupies all of your thoughts, but instead of the thoughts being good ones, they are replaced with images of what could have been. What should have been. It consumes every aspect of your life for a period of time; relevant to how powerful the feeling of love was in the first place.
Be careful with love, it's a killer.

I love Sophie with all my heart.

Love hurts.
by Zeddeh December 24, 2005
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