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Withering Tights is a novel written by English author Louise Rennison about the misadventures of a girl called Tallulah Casey. It is a work of teenage fiction and good reviews. As of 2013, there are 3 books in the series (but more may still come). These are:
Withering Tights
A Midsummer Tights Dream
The Taming Of The Tights

The blurb on the back reads: 'You know what it's like when you have your first snog, and it feels like a tiny bat is barging around in your mouth? Of course you do. So you will love Tallulah Casey as she careers about in her tights. She's your kind of mate.'
Becky: What book are you reading right now?
Annie: I'm reading 'Withering Tights', it's really good.
by ZebraBuffalo May 29, 2013

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A slut and a pleb. For example, someone who wears slutty clothes and acts like/is a pleb.
Jenny: Omg Annie, Becky is such a sleb, don't you think?
Annie: She totally is, she wears such slutty clothes and is such a pleb.
Jenny: Yeah, I know!
by ZebraBuffalo May 28, 2013

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Short for hair straighteners (or irons). Quicker and easier to say than hair straighteners.
Becky: Annie, pass me the straighteners please.
Annie: Sure!
by ZebraBuffalo May 29, 2013

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