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A center of attention he loves being seen, but is misunderstood but once you get to know the real him he will be hard to let go, I party animal at best he will good to school or work every day with a smile on his face, always has something on his mind weather it be good or bad, He loves flirting with girls and wants to get to know them more works great in pairs and will always try and lead the team even if he is not sure what he is doing, He is a bit of a nerd but is also a hard working person who will always be the first to do something if it means getting out side, He is the nicest guy you will even meet if you ever find a Darcy do not let him go.....imbrace him with open arms and never try and hurt this guy he has a sad past that he wants to forget.
Oh a met this guy he is so great
Ah so you must have found a Darcy then...I wonder if he is single?
by Zangtar king of the moon January 18, 2011

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You are a blonde hair girl who loves flirting with guys even if your rarely date, you friendly, funny, smart and a 1 in a billion person nobody else in the world is quite like you. You get mad easy but not for long because after a while you will be cracking a smile.
Hey did you know about Kelsey
by Zangtar king of the moon January 18, 2011

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another word for funny hat
Hey dude check out thats guys thumbcaca
by Zangtar king of the moon May 07, 2011

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A fart in were the fart is so loud and deep it causes the area with in 10 feet of you to vibrate
Oh god dude I just deep tooted that class room
by Zangtar king of the moon January 30, 2012

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Its a hunk of mistery meat..... ON A STICK
I would like one bowl of Hakalash, No bowl ON A STICK!
by Zangtar king of the moon July 28, 2011

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