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A high-performance Japanese Sports car made by Honda that does something American cars can't do, TURN. They have amazing cornering capabilities due to their MR layout (Mid Engine Rear Wheel Drive), and do not require overkilled amounts of HP to go fast. This is due to the fact that they have near-perfect aerodynamics. Typical MODIFIED NSX's can attain 180mph with only 380HP. Combined with its responsive throttle, this car is a force to be reckoned with.
NSX Driver: I was racing that Z06 Corvette in the hills, and I killed that POS american crap.

BMW Driver: HAHA. Why?

NSX Driver: I turned.
by Zakamaru April 02, 2007

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What rednecks call a sport. NASCAR is purely about going in a oval, turning left for about a hundred laps, while wasting gas on their V-8s.

NASCAR fanatics say NASCAR is a sport because the temperatures inside the car can reach 120F. But so do other forms of auto racing.

Rallying requires more skill than just turning left. Super GT also has 120F temps inside cars, but they actually require REAL skill, not turning around some oval for 100 or so laps.
NASCAR is not a sport.
by Zakamaru June 05, 2007

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Greatest state in the USA. End of discussion
You hicks laugh at us all you want. We got the women, the sun, all the cash, and all the beaches. You can't deny that.

California has Orange County.
by Zakamaru May 09, 2007

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Fuckers that tie themselves to trees that the logging companies planted. They are the reason why nobody can have nice cars because they "pollute". What they don't realize is that not enough people have them to make an impact. Not only that, they take SUV's and bury them, even though the battery acids leak and gas, further polluting the enviroment.
Tree Huggers will never let anybody have nice cars.
by Zakamaru August 16, 2008

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