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Some nasty ass shit they put in Diet drinks, is an artificial sweetener, can kill you, will kill you, and if you drink a shitton of diet drinks quit because this shit is in it and you are basically killing yourself slowly. It also caused tumors in small animals such as lab rats and will kill them if they have a small cup full of it. long fucking story cut drastically short, its deadly and in everything and is just as dangerous as sugar. And a little side note sugar is a drug because it triggers the same spots in your brain as heroin and any "drug-dealer on the street" type shady shit your teenage son or daughter probably already do without you knowing it. I hope you fuckasses learned something today because I could have just saved your measly ass life, bitch.
Aspartame infested Diet drink: Oh I'm healthy for you I help you lose weight.
Doctor: Bullshit you kill people.

Aspartame infested Diet drink: no I don't, and how do you get that rude accusation?
Doctor: you contain aspartame, and that kills people BITCH!
by Zaelle April 25, 2014
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When a bunch of Fucktarts get together and think something is cool when it isn't.
Stupidassmotherfucker: Dude your dog is so brolag.
Dave: I know man he can lick his butt that's so brolag!
by Zaelle April 18, 2014
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