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When you ruined your rep and "Dived" into the deep end. This can come in various ways like saying something very stupid in a roast comeback.
Guy 1 - The fuck is wrong with your hairline mate?
Victim - *Stumbles* uh well you're a poop face...
Guy 1 - You fucking nose-dived mate.
by ZackyZack October 23, 2017

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A Van Man is probably a pedophile. Sometimes he pulls out that "Hey kid, I got some candy in my van."
DUDE! That guy just asked me if I wanted to get into his van! HE'S A VAN MAN!
by ZackyZack October 14, 2018

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An Olivia-Mia is a gold digger. She'll take a dick for some quick bucks. Heck, she may even take it in the ass to get some dollars. Olivia-Mia is a person you don't want to date. She'll ask you for money all the time. The last thing, she's a hardcore, horny gold digger.
Guy 1 - Have you seen Jessica? She asked me for a blow job.
Guy 2 - For what?
Guy 1 - For just five dollars.
Guy 2 - She is a Olivia-Mia
by ZackyZack May 21, 2018

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A female who is VERY creepy and usually don't talk to many people. Because of that, what does she do after school?
Guy 1 - Holy shit, have you seen Becka? She's a van woman.
Guy 2 - Yea, she is...
by ZackyZack October 23, 2017

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