3 definitions by Zachy P

A math equation that decides if somebody (normally a female) can be considered slutty.

The equation is shown below:
(# of past partners) / (age - 10) = X

Possible answers:
X<1 Good girl, the kind you take home to mom.
X=1 Average, there is nothing wrong with being normal.
X>1 SLUT, fun to play with but generally crazy.
Guy 1: Rachel looks cute, but with my Slut Math skills I have determined she is a slut.
Guy 2: How did you do that?
Guy 1: Well she is 16 years old, and has slept with 18 guys. It is simple math, 18/6=3.

Guy 2: Damn dude, you're right, she is a super slut!
by Zachy P July 20, 2010
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The amount of attention and help that somebody requires to function.
Dude, Rachel and me are over. I just got sick of buying her shit and treating her like a princess. Her needyness level is just way to high for me right now.
by Zachy P July 8, 2010
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Somebody who is more attracted to virgins and has a habit of taking their V cards. He often rejects them after that first time. This person could also be considered a player(m) or whore(f).

Although this role is mostly played by males, females could be considered V Collectors as well.
Did you hear that Rachel had sex with another virgin? She has 8 V cards in her possession now, I must admit she is one hell of a V Collector.
by Zachy P July 20, 2010
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