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Bro: Yo what looks like half an apple
Homie: Yeah dawg
Bro: Aight man, the other half homes
by ZROSENEDI May 13, 2016
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When someone asks you to do a favor, and you don't plan on doing it, you say def for sure and gradually walk away like nothing happened
Rebensaltz: I'm failing Chemistry, do you think I can take a picture of your notes?
Ray and Ed: Yeah def for sure man, I'll def hit you up with that!
by ZROSENEDI May 10, 2016
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Ed: Ayden, are you fucking autistic?
Ayden: Yea.. I mean, it's sad, but whaddyagonnadoaboutit?
Ray: Lpl
Crew (-AJ): Hahahah
by ZROSENEDI November 22, 2017
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