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A term that actually doesn't really mean anything, but people usually think it is a sexual position of sorts. Great game for parties when there's liquor. See hot charlie and ohio nasal drip.
Sober guy: Would you like an indianna grave digger?

Drunk girl: Fuckk yea darling...

Sober guy: Ok, then put on this spiderman costume. Do you happen to have a chisel and 24 feet of velcro?

Drunk girl: What the fuck...? Whatever. Let's do it. Sounds kinky anyway.
by ZEROTIK_OGT February 09, 2007

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Nothing in reality, but it sounds sexual, so it's fun to prank people with. Typical targets are innocent, preppy girls. Hehe.
Me: You wanna give me an ohio nasal drip?

Preppy girl: Eww. No.

Me: Jeez, I try to do something nice and this is what i get...

Preppy Girl: Wait, what is an ohio nasal drip?

Me: You're kidding. You don't know what an ohio nasal drip is?!?

Preppy: No, I think I heard it once...
by ZEROTIK_OGT February 28, 2007

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The feeling you get when one is either embarrassed or someone has challenged him/ her to something. You can recognize cold blood by feeling the blood run through your veins. It feels cold for whatever reason and your face gets red & hot.
Greg: I got such cold blood yesterday when Ray challenged me to step up and fight him, but when i did the right thing and declined, i got it even worse from the embarrassment.

Timmy: That sucks ass.

Greg: Yep.
by ZEROTIK_OGT November 23, 2006

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Slang for someone that makes exessive hand gestures. Though exessive IS realitive, a williams needs to make many, many (and sometimes sexual looking) hand gestures.
Me: That man over there is such a williams! Look. It looks like hes giving somebody a handjob.

You: How could he give a guy a handjob at that angle?

Me: I dont know, but I think he found a way.

That Man: Dont make fun of me cuz I have a disease, man.

Me: Fag...

That Man: *tear*
by ZEROTIK_OGT December 07, 2006

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