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Popular card game among teenagers, at least in my school.

The game is simple, in order to win you must play a card higher than the card previously played.

The first one to win is declared the king, the next is queen, next is middleman, then it's servant, and finally, the loser is declared the slut.

At the beginning of the next game, the slut must give his/her best cards to the king and in turn, the king gives the slut his/her 2 worst cards. Also, the servant must give the queen his/her best card and in turn the queen gives the servant is/her worst card.

When there is no king, queen, middleman, servant or slut, the player with the ace of spade plays first.

When there is a king, queen, middleman, servant and slut, the slut always plays first.

My friends and I played slut all class long on the last day of school.
by Your Mom On Four August 11, 2008

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