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Love, a word used to describe an undescribable feeling you have for another person. When you love someone you feel connected to them and look at them and see them in a way other people do not. You see past their looks and materialistic side and see them. When you love someone you think about them all the time without obsessing; simple every day things remind you of the times you've had with them. When you love someone, when you are not with them you wish you were and can't wait to be again. You miss them when they're gone and cant wait to see them when they return. When you love someone, even if you are not with them if they are happy wherever life has taken them, you're happy for them and wish them the best. When you love someone, being in their arms and having them in yours is the safest place to be. When you love someone, when they touch you, you feel it everywhere and when they kiss you its like falling and flying at the same time. When you love someone you'd give everything to them, but they would never make you. love is undescribable and undefineable, if you're in love... you know it.
"I love you because you're everything i can't explain but can never get enough of."

"i love you because you're crazy and in all my thoughts driving me insane!!"

"Loving you is the best decision i didn't have any choice in making."

I love you
by Your Tangerine August 2, 2005
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