1 definition by Your Average Bean

Can be a flirt--actually, is very flirty. But-! He can also be a complete bean! He's a caring person, anyone he was closely would know that. To whomever the person is that he fell for, he'd treat them like they're the world, the most important thing ever, and that's because in his eyes you are. If you're upset or sick, he'd be right there for you, doing whatever he could to help you feel better, even something as simple as cuddles and movies. Laurance is just an overall good person, and is easy to fall in love with.
Girl 1; "OMI! Look! It's Laurance!"

Girl 2; "I wish I could be his.."

Girl 3; "Doesn't he already have a girlfriend-?"

by Your Average Bean September 02, 2020
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