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Live Free Die Happy
"Always keep your head up" LFDH
Used at the end of quotes some what like YOLO but not as mainstream
by Young One February 03, 2013

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The act of tucking your erect penis up into your waistband to hide your large boner from unworthy on lookers, usually on the way to the bathroom just after waking up.
My mom was in the hallway which is on the way to the bathrom so i tummy tucked my morning wood.
by Young one February 16, 2014

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When Doing a Girl Doggie Style Onto Of Some Stairs, Then Knock Her Arms Out From Under Her Before You Skeet, Then Ride Her Down The Stairs
Man That Sled Ride Was HYPE!!!!
by YoUnG oNe October 02, 2004

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