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Mt. San Antonio College; Claimed by staff to be one of the greatest community colleges in the nation, which is essentially like winning the Special Olympics.

Also known as UCLA (University of California Left of Amar), Mt. Suck, Ball Sac, or Empty Sac.
A person with a bright future: Hey man, I'm going to Cal Poly SLO for college. What about you?

Mt. SAC student: Oh, I'm just hittin' the SAC.

A person with a bright future: What?

Mt. SAC student: I'm going to Mt. SAC to earn some credits so I can save money and transfer to a good university.

A person with a bright future: Haha, good luck with that, asshole!

Mt. SAC student: Fuck you.
by Yossome January 09, 2012

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Unable to give a single/multiple fuck(s)
The proud man seemed unfuckgivable as he marched gloriously down the street proclaiming "fuck da police" while being pursued by several police officers.
by Yossome April 11, 2011

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One who uses a saxaphone to commit (usually) sexual crimes against the unwilling
You should be careful at that jazz festival. I hear a saxaphonder was recently let out of prison.
by Yossome February 28, 2011

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