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(Adjective) A synonym of the word pwned but applied specifically to the exploitation of security weaknesses on a server due to misconfiguration. Pwnage (and thus daveage) describes a sudden, decisive and humiliating defeat of server security.
Double check your firewall settings before putting that machine on the internet. The last thing you want is to get Daved!
by Ynngwie J Malmsteen March 16, 2011
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Even though your daddy just lost 12 million, random large sums of money fall on you from the sky.
That Chris got hit by a serious cashvalanche last month. I hope he's ok.
by Ynngwie J Malmsteen April 17, 2008
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(Noun) In the Automotive industry, a homosexual mechanic or one who is predisposed to flamboyant car modifications.
"Look at the hectic neons on that Nissan! I'll bet you the owner is a camshafter"

"Those camshafters in the HKS factory give a whole new meaning to the term 'blown engine'".
by Ynngwie J Malmsteen August 10, 2009
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