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To indulge in overactive singing of 'camp' 80's songs, and/or characters, e.g. "lady in red" or an obsession with David Hasselhoff
Yeah i went to that post ironic 80's night, but it was a bit 'ruggy'
by Yer Ma October 09, 2003

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jackass jackass jackass jackass jackass, big wannabe raj, poor quality dj, jst no more
by YER MA October 27, 2003

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yer ma's favourite meal
"suck ma love gravy ya dirty bastid"
by yer ma August 05, 2003

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This bee-yatch is the librarian of a well known school (which isn't very well known at all, actually).

She can commonly be found looking for little kiddies to give rows and also in the cupboard with Mr. Cripples.

(Afro Chicken #3)

by Yer ma February 03, 2005

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