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a term that you must NOT say out loud in public, or on Twitter, as kpop stans will come to cancel and attack you from all 8 directions. you are advised to use this term with caution.
A: "i hate kpop!"

B: (likes kpop) "please go rot in hell and make sure you get run over by a truck before you do :)"
by YZ_0916 June 14, 2021
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The person who popularized the Furret meme on YouTube. Also the guy who created the Nintendo Switch meme. He also first streamed Furret on Escalator before 11pixels continued it. He also owns a Discord server called That Place.
A: Hey, have you heard of Anoyth?

B: You mean the Furret guy who refuses to change his profile picture to Furret?

A: ...I guess if you put it that way, yeah...
by YZ_0916 June 9, 2021
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