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the act of taking chromies (chrome valve caps) off car tires to put on your bike tires.

or just for fun.

i went scoping chromies yesterday
by XylophoniX April 02, 2007
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-coined by Professor Raphael Israeli in 1997.

-suicide bombers in the name of Allah.

-suicide goes against basic Islamic principles, based on the earlier writings of Muhammed; yet more modern fundamentalist Muslims (Wahhabis, etc...) would describe suicide bombing as martyrdom, thus granting said bomber 72 virgins in paradise.

-it is unclear whether this is one 72 year old virgin, or 72 one year old virgins.

- in Islam, those who commit suicide are condemned to repeat the actions of their suicide for all eternity in hell. Islamikazes take a big gamble, paradise or exploding for the rest of forever, but hey, it happens.
9/11 was some hardcore Islamikaze action
by XylophoniX May 22, 2007
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to be chosen to do something against one's will with no say in the matter at hand.
my boss stalinteered me to do doubles all weekend.
by XylophoniX November 17, 2007
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