-coined by Professor Raphael Israeli in 1997.

-suicide bombers in the name of Allah.

-suicide goes against basic Islamic principles, based on the earlier writings of Muhammed; yet more modern fundamentalist Muslims (Wahhabis, etc...) would describe suicide bombing as martyrdom, thus granting said bomber 72 virgins in paradise.

-it is unclear whether this is one 72 year old virgin, or 72 one year old virgins.

- in Islam, those who commit suicide are condemned to repeat the actions of their suicide for all eternity in hell. Islamikazes take a big gamble, paradise or exploding for the rest of forever, but hey, it happens.
9/11 was some hardcore Islamikaze action
by XylophoniX May 23, 2007
An Islamic terrorist with a suicide vest, who jumps off a tall building into a crowd, detonating the vest at the last second before impact.
The Islamikaze Pilot was killed when he hit the ground before he could detonate his vest. Fail.

by What's Left of Dr Jazz July 11, 2008