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An Italian car company founded in 1906. Known for their rallying heritage and fall from grace in recent years.
Wow, that's a Lancia 037 Stradale!
by Xxx_Eug3n3_St0n3r_xxX June 8, 2020
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Armatard is a deranged Russian imageboard troll. He's frequented /k/ for the last few years after being run off of Russian & German language imageboards & forums. He likes to post pro-russian military posts constantly, and will shill basically anything to do with Russian equipment, particularly aircraft, incessantly, to the point of having upwards of 5 threads of his own creation open at the same time. If you see him on /k/, don't respond.
"SU-75 is sure to make western mutts seethe"

"Fuck off, armatard."
by Xxx_Eug3n3_St0n3r_xxX January 24, 2022
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A broad term for a sporting and military rifle originally developed by Eugene Stoner while working for the ArmaLite firearms company, a division of Fairchild Aircraft (The patent was later sold to Colt because of financial issues). The original design (released in 1956), was based on the AR-10 in .308, was revolutionary at the time for using a .22 caliber intermediate cartridge, and a semi-direct-impingement . This cartridge offered low recoil and similar terminal ballistics to the larger .308 Winchester (7.62x51mm NATO).

As for the idea that the AR-15 is a dangerous weapon of war designed to kill, and that actually holds some truth. Eugene Stoner originally designed the AR platform for military contracts. However, Stoner designed the AR not for pure killing, but for these traits: Lightness, low recoil, modularity, and ammunition size while still retaining enough wounding potential to get the job done. As for the reason that they are used in mass shootings? First off, most people in America do not know much about guns and are quick to assume that any black "tactical" rifle is an AR (Even if they're not). Secondly? They're the most popular rifle in America. For the same reasons I just listed, the AR is extremely popular here, and is readily available. It's not something to be scared of! Go shoot one, and you might see that.
Eugene Stoner designed the AR-15 primarily for it's weight and not for it's wounding potential.
by Xxx_Eug3n3_St0n3r_xxX June 8, 2020
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