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A Fan of Psychopathic Records. Some, one, or all the artists, regardless if you listen closely to the music from the first jokers card to the last it tells a story, it gives examples on basically how not to live your life, and it also preaches religion, love for one another, regardless of "Juggalo" status, and respect. Generally a "Juggalo" is just an average "Joe" that has a lot of the same views as the artists of psychopathic, those being religious, political, social, moral, and ethical views. Not all juggalos are violent. In fact, most are peaceful, fun loving citizens, who do not go around robbing, hacking people with a hatchet, or hijacking minivans. The reason why "Juggalos" as a group are defined as "ignorant" or "bigot" or "violent" is because most of the news and information making headlines about juggalos are horrible crimes. Before you go ahead and write a definition on a certain type of person, or a group of people, please don't stereo type by mass media, headlines, hearsay, or any other means than pure, scientific, RESEARCH. If you look "Behind the Paint" you will see that 17 out of 20 juggalos fit my description, 85%. So don't base your opinion on a MINORITY, look at the picture as a whole.

*And yes i happen to be a juggalo, not because i'm an "outcast" or "insane" or "don't fit in" its because i agree with the views and opinions of psychopathic artists. as a matter of fact i have been Spreading MCL since i was 13, i am now 22, so for 9 years i have been down with the clown. I was very popular in school, Graduated at the age of 16 valedictorian. as of this being written i am currently age 22 and a PROFESSOR @ GVT in Greenville, SC. 169 iq (31 points below EINSTEIN) so for those of you who have classified juggalos in general as stupid. Your definition is now NULL and INVALID please be CIVILIZED and APPEND your entry and if your entry is pure speculation, just remove it.

*Real name censored* KaoS out, MMFCL 2 ALL!! (Even the haters) i love the haters EQUALLY because they do not bring us down they EMPOWER us and make our PRESENCE all the more MEANINGFUL!
What true juggalos would do in such a situation

TRUE Juggalo: Waddup ninja?

Some kid wearin an psy records shirt: Nothin much man just gonna rob this liquor store here right quick, drink a 40 of OE and, go bump the new blaze album

TRUE Juggalo: Man, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING, your lucky i dont....

Kid wearing shirt: What you talkin about man, im just bein a juggalo like you.

TRUE Juggalo: *Beats the shit out of the kid for being an idiot and takes his shirt to give it to someone who DESERVES to wear it*

*Note: The violence described here in this last example is actually a true example what would happen if this was a real situation. The kid was not beaten for being DOWN WITH THE CLOWN he was beaten because he was an idiot. And the stripping of the shirt or anything psy releated was so that person would no be associated with the juggalo community and is NOT a robbery, its meant to be demeaning
by XxKaoSxX August 28, 2007

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