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A consequence that is brought to or by someone accidentally or can be used to describe a consenquence that is undesirable or can be used to frighten someone from doing something someone does not want them to do.
"If you eat all that candy, you will suffer unforeseen consequences.
by XxDoritos=LoominartyxX April 3, 2015
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Malevolent is a word that used to describe someone or something to be hostile and aggressive another meaning for malevolent is someone or something that wishes to do evil upon others, as killing, stealing, cheating, or doing blasphemous things all with intention.
" im sorry for being so malevolent yesterday ".
by XxDoritos=LoominartyxX April 6, 2015
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The continuation or reapting of something that last forever and will never end.
"Wow, school felt like an eternity"
by XxDoritos=LoominartyxX April 3, 2015
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The penalty or consequence of making acts against God in habitually type ways which results in the lake of fire described in the Bible as a "weeping and moaning and gnashing of teeth ". Hell is known ass the dwelling place of damned souls who burn in the "lake of fire" for all eternity. Hell is described in many religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism etc.
"And i saw the damned souls of people burn in Hell forever ".
by XxDoritos=LoominartyxX April 3, 2015
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