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ok..people who are saying "how to be scene"...its kinda stupid to have to learn to act a certain way....if yur scene then yur scene and if yur not then yur not..juss be yur self....scene means that yoo cud care less wat ppl think of yoo.....but scene ppl arent necessarily smokers or all about violence...they are juss ppl who dnt care wat ppl think...they care wat they think...im scene but i dnt smoke. mi hair isnt black its blonde and pink. scene chickas love love love bein cute...thats pretty much it!!!!

...and dont get scene ppl and emo ppl mixed up cuz wer COMPLETELY different
examples of how scene chikz talk wud be "rawr im a dino"..."rad"...stellar"....etc.

btw ...we love, love..
by XsabatogeXgurlX September 13, 2009
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