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A true gentleman. Chivalry is not dead! Not only are Seths super sexy, but they will also engage you intellectually. Tired of idiot guys who cant even read? Well with a Seth, you wont run into that. Seths have been reffered to as "sexual creatures", and for good reason. A Seth could be txting you and make you crave them...just IMAGINE what his touch would do! Seth's are the Prince Charming's of the world and will sweep their princess's off their feet. Exceptionally loyal, and a great listener, a Seth is a good friend to keep. They will be there for you, listen to you, and relax you with their sexy soothing voices. If your lucky enough to find one of these rare and amazing men, hang on to him!!
"OMG girl, Hes so sweet and loyal! Hes gota be a Seth. Can I have him"

"NO! mine!...Forever..back off" =P
by XoSnowWhiteXo February 05, 2010

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A rashad has been known to be a relaxed and laid back person. They tend to be the most perfect boyfriends, since they are so caring, fun, and sweet. This sort of man is fun, witty, exceptionally talented, and intelligent. Some Rashads take the high road and back out of situations, to make things easier for others. But when they see something they really want, nothing can get in the way of them getting it.

Rashad, in African, means "Always does the right thing"
"My baby is so amazing. He was so persistent in being wit me!, you KNOW hes a Rashad =P"
by XoSnowWhiteXo April 04, 2010

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The death of all joy.

An expensive hobby.

Marriage has been known to be the bringer of reality, crushing dreams, and ending your belief in such things as fairy tales and love.

Ahould not be taken lighlty. But sometimes, too often, is just a joke. Not a true commitment, but just another word.

Enter with care, if you dare do so at all.
"Hes leaving, and all my dreams are crushed into pieces, like my heart, on the floor...I suppose theres no such thing as 'Happily every after'...i feel so stupid"

"Oh, girl you sound so cynical!...Let me guess? Your marriage ended ALREADY?"
by XoSnowWhiteXo February 09, 2010

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