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Soup that is placed into a squirt bottle and squeezed into the mouth. When the chunks or pieces of food clog up the nozzle, more force is applied, and the soup builds up pressure until it finally bursts out. Similar to squeezing a toothpaste container with the cap on.
John: Hey Samantha, why are you eating soup out of a squeeze bottle?

Samantha: I only have five minutes left on my lunch break and exploding soup is the only meal I can finish that quickly! *blasts soup all over face*
by XeonForce October 05, 2010
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To both anger and aggrevate someone, usually to the point of physical violence.
Jason: *pokes Steve*
Steve: For the love of God Jason! Stop poking me!
Jason: Damn, you get angervated too easily man.
by XeonForce August 21, 2008
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