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A person who claims to be a patriot to excuse their racism, despite the fact that the "facts" they cite have been disproven, and they clearly have no idea what they're on about.
"Fraser Anning's coming to town. The potatriots will be out in force."
by XenonSmash May 08, 2019

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Male equivalent of a Karen. A man who is never satisfied with the service at sny establishment, and who frequently demands to speak to the manager in hopes of getting a freebie if he just complains loud enough. Often behaves this way in front of his date in order to look like a tough, strong man, but generally succeeds only in looking like a complete wanker.
"Sorry to bug you boss, but we have a MAJOR man-Karen at register 6."
by XenonSmash April 24, 2020

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A person who is not only a stupid, ignorant asshole, but who also shouts their small minded, and often dangerous rhetoric loudly and proudly.
"Only consort with people of your own colour, then you can be a completely racist, ignorant, bigoted, intolerant, sociopathic fuck trumpet just like me!!!"
by XenonSmash April 17, 2016

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