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Phrase used by an EKG monitor technician, to initiate conversation with a registered cardiac nurse, to inform them of a fatal cardiac dysrhythmia. Usually used for ventricular fibrillation or asystole. Phrase may also be used in reply by the RN to the technician.
Tech: "Oh, Shit!" RN: "What's the matter?" Tech: "The patient in room 3014 is showing asystole on the monitor." RN: "Oh, Shit! That's my second flatline this week!"
by Xanfan October 12, 2009

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A Biscuit sandwich made from camel crickets. Usually served with eggs and cheese. It's leg is severed and used in the same function as a toothpick to keep the sandwich in place.
"Mom, can I try the new Criskit sandwich that the new fast food restaurant? I hear that it comes with a side of the cricket juice as a dipping sauce. Let's try one!"
by Xanfan October 03, 2009

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