4 definitions by X for chat (David)

X refers to the sentence/context of the message you're replying to. (^) the direction of this symbol, will determend the direction of the message you're replying to. X^ means one message up to the right (usually your own message). ^^^^^X means 5 messages up to the left. This symbol can be displayed on it's own, usually this means that the person just wants you to look at this message, but it depends on the context of course.

X can be used in capital or not, you often don't even use X on It's own, but it can be used for directions if you don't have a/any sentence/context.
X^ and ^X or ^^^ are mostly used in chats for practical reasons:

I'm fine
Are you fine?


(This conversation points to that you have all ready said that you're fine and you don't want to waste time on writing it again).
by X for chat (David) March 2, 2018
A still shot, maybe in a long period of time (time lapse). A stopshot can also mean to rethink something.
Hey can you take a stopshot at this?
by X for chat (David) March 3, 2018
X is the word/words that is correct, (*) is pointing to the direction the typo was written/made.
*X and X* typo corrections are often used it chats or places were grammar corrections are limited:

Are you coming to the café?


Yes it was!
by X for chat (David) March 2, 2018
Bir Tawil refers to an unclaimed place north of Sudan (between Egypt and Sudan). Some call it North Sudan, but it has not become official yet.

"Bir Tawil" is used as "Empty" as in "You are so empty." Or "Useless" as in "You are so useless." Both definitions are used equally much.
-Did you do the housework?


-Ah, you are just like Bir Tawil.

-What's the height of Mount Everest?
-I dunno.

-Man, are you a Bir Tawil?
- No, I'm not so useless in bed.

-Well let's do some exploring then!

-You mean some claiming?

-Well let's see about that ...
by X for chat (David) March 2, 2018