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British high street taylors Montague Burton, now called simply Burtons, did a range of cheaper suits, with optional waistcoat. I think this was around the 1940's. Having a Full Monty was going in and getting trousers, jacket AND waistcoat, especially if you were a soldier going back to civilian life.
I've got the Full Monty organized for my wedding.
by wuggy February 10, 2008
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To wander in a happy but slightly disengaged state, though with some harmless or ineffective intent. A certain business is implied. bimble Often used in British Army
Chickens aren't usually bimbling, but a mother duck and a line of ducklings crossing a road and heading into fields probably are. A duckling that breaks away from the group, explores busily and then returns has just had a bimble.

In the Sahara miles from anywhere, a guy walked out of the midday haze carrying nothing but a piece of wood, passed by 50 yards away without looking at us, and headed into the heat. Now HE was bimbling.
by Wuggy December 07, 2007
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Nice Relaxing Pooh. A Dump. A shit. To take the papers into the toilet and have a satisfying dump. ORIGIN, British wacky comedians Reeves & Mortimer interviewing model Caprice, asking her "after a busy day's photography, do you go home and have a nice relaxing pooh?"
Put my dinner in the oven dear, I'm off for an NRP
by wuggy December 12, 2007
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