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To clinch ones butt checks; the act of clinching ones butt checks.
1. I had to tweem until we reached a gas station.
2. The horror movie scared me so bad I tweemed up.
3. I have to go so bad I'm tweeming.
by Wotko December 21, 2013
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Is the combination of the words skinny and chubby. Skubby generally refers to females and not males. A girl who is skubby is neither skinny nor chubby but instead is somewhere in between. A skubby girl has enough meat on her bones to be curvy but not considered overweight. A skubby girl is often considered to have the the most attractive body type.
1. She's too skinny but her friend is skubby.
2. I set my friend up on a blind date with this hot skubby girl from my humanities class.
3. She'd be sexier if she was skubby.
by Wotko December 21, 2013
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Is the dust that you kick up when running.
When the race starts you are going to choking on my heel dust sucker!
by Wotko May 07, 2015
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