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A person, usually male, that goes around annoying friends, family, colleagues, etc. This person is socially inept and has a very slow thought process. Although most of them excel in studies, they seem to lack the basic intelligence required for a constructive conversation. This person can also be clingy and want to include themselves on anything you do/like. If you encounter this person, it's best to run away.
Chase: "Hey bruh, wanna go smoke a cigarette? I like cigarettes because you like to smoke them!"

Me: " No Chase, I don't have anymore .."

Chase: "Cmon bruh lets go smoke bruh.'

Me: "Shut-up you fucking Derpenstein!"
by Wolfgang7990 September 14, 2011
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A person in a marching band, whether it be Highschool or College, who constantly causes a disfigured shape or form within the structure/picture the band is trying to display. This person has either very poor perception, disabled in some way, or just lazy.
Guy 1: "Dude, the flower in our last formation looked like a giant dick on field..."
Guy 2: "It was that dumb clarinet bitch..."
Guy 1: *Facepalm* *sigh* "Band cancer, right there...."
by Wolfgang7990 December 11, 2010
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A player in the MMORPG "World of Wacraft", who generally adds "dead" weight and is considered decay to a guild. This player is considered a baddie by all means and refuses help from other "good" players. He/She mostly rolls either a Rogue, Death Knight, or Hunter, but fails at those classes. This player is carried by his/her guild though any dungeons or raids that he manages to get in. These players can be quite annoying in Guild Chat.
Good DK: "Dude, Let me take a look at your gear..."

Deadcarrius: "Ive got beast gear bro!"

Good DK: "I see Intellect gems in all of your slots and none of your pieces are enchanted."

Deadcarrius: "Dude STFU, Im better than you anyways noob!"

Good DK: *facepalm* "What a Deadcarrius!"
by Wolfgang7990 December 08, 2010
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A towel that is usually "recycled" by being hung up to dry for the next person to use. It becomes a taint towel after a man uses it in a "flossing motion" to dry his private parts after a shower. The next person, not aware of the residue left on the now-dried towel, uses it to dry off.
Roommate 1: *Thoroughly dries his groin area in every nook and cranny. Then he hangs up the towel.*
Roommate 2: *Dries himself off after his shower*
"Hey, the towels in the bathroom don't smell too great. Did you remember to use detergent?"
Roommate 1: "Haw haw, you just got a face full of taint towel!!"
by Wolfgang7990 February 15, 2011
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