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A player in the MMORPG "World of Wacraft", who generally adds "dead" weight and is considered decay to a guild. This player is considered a baddie by all means and refuses help from other "good" players. He/She mostly rolls either a Rogue, Death Knight, or Hunter, but fails at those classes. This player is carried by his/her guild though any dungeons or raids that he manages to get in. These players can be quite annoying in Guild Chat.
Good DK: "Dude, Let me take a look at your gear..."

Deadcarrius: "Ive got beast gear bro!"

Good DK: "I see Intellect gems in all of your slots and none of your pieces are enchanted."

Deadcarrius: "Dude STFU, Im better than you anyways noob!"

Good DK: *facepalm* "What a Deadcarrius!"
by Wolfgang7990 December 08, 2010
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