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Stfu is usually short hand for SHUT THE FUCK UP!! But in other , more uncommon cases it means:



Seven Thursdays From sUnday
Anon: What should we call our band?
Mudkip: Kicking Wood w/ Not Politically Correct Folk Singers.
Anon: OH Lol'd. No we gotta make it epic!
Mudkip: STFU?
Anon: lol wut?
Mudkip: Saving Turkeys From Unicorns.
Seaking: FUCK YEAH!!
by Wings of Lead February 01, 2008
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For fuck sake.
Fighting for science.
Fire fighter soup.
Finding fair sleep.
Friends for sure.
Friction' for sissies.
Fun facial sauce.
Fuck for sale.
Friends for sex.
Fuck fucking seagulls.
Fish for sale.
Female facial spray.
FFS-it's it's own definition.
Faggots fugly secrets.
ZOMFG! WTF DAT NWB JUST KILLED ME WITH A GOD DAMN ROCKET LAUNCHER! !FUCKING NOOBS FFS! GTFO YOU ROCKETWHORE! LRN2PRO SUCKZOR. I'll stick my hand down your throat, rip out your spine and whip you with it, hang you with it and beat you to death with your own skull!!!

*proceeds to teabag remains of noob and kills noob again as he tries to sneak up on you*
by Wings of Lead January 21, 2008
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