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kook: A person posing as a surfer, or telling everyone that he can bust a snap, bottom turn, or barrel when they can't. Does not know the proper surf terminology or vocab. Ie. uses terms that don't make any sense

Non-kook: A person being honest about their surfing ability. Honestly expresses their surfing ability. Does NOT drop in on other surfers or snake them. Follows the rules of the lineup.

Kook: "So yea, I was out busting some gnarly pounders when this huge curler came through and swamped me. Lucky for me I just jumped on my board and threw a gnarly air over the white wash without even trying. Hee hee hee."

Surfer: "Awww man. That last set was a clean out. I got hit pretty bad. Damn thing held me down for a while. Hey heres a good set. By the way you can bust a pretty solid snap on these. Not much force though. You have to really paddle for these."


"Did you see that air? I was worried that I was going to break my board that time. But this kook dropped in on me and freakin' nearly took my head off. It's all good but...

(kook now yelling at surfer to not drop in on him).

Surfer: "You dropped in on ME! I didn't drop in on you!
Kook: Yeah well, watch where you're going bro!
Surfer: "What a kook."
by Windham February 17, 2008

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an extreeme liberal school focussing on the arts of technology, (although our technology sucks), art, and music. The stereotypical person that is nerdy and do not have lives are called weabos. They sit at the outer corner of High tech high international next to the basketball courts. MOST everyone else is mellow and are either surfers (me),skaters,like to chill, or good looking . Not the stereotype. Oh yeah and there are the people who are insanely obsessed with technology and robots, (not bad mouthing them), but overall everyone else is pretty cool.
High Tech High International goer: "so after school do you want to paddle out? Jason can't come because his mom is pissed at him for not getting good grades. Greg can come but he can't come to Sam Goody afterwards. Alright meet me at the stairs after school. Oh Jennie is coming to. Yea were still going out." ETC
by Windham February 17, 2008

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